Jun 29, 2008

a Time to Organize

Ah, it's finally QUIET! I can think for a minute to post.

My name is Carlotta Pengelley, and I am the owner of Carlotta's Celebration Creations. I am a jewelry designer and creator, bookbinder and altered book artist, mixed media artist, and I dabble in lots of other media. My favorite jewelry items include using gemstones, metals, wire, and Artist lampworked beads.

It's well known among the people who are acquainted with our family that I make jewelry. "It must be so nice, now that your children are older," commented one typically unenlightened person, "you must be able to get so much more jewelry made with them to take care of themselves."


Suffice it to say that none of my 3 kids drive, the 20 year old works part time and so I drive him, the 16 year old girl is in summer school and softball and I drive her, the 17 year old- well, I wish he had a job. I would gladly drive him. Instead he is home for summer break with his friends coming by to play Metal Gear 4 and Grand Theft Auto VERY LOUDLY until 1 AM, with the blessing of Dad who said at least they are here and not out on the street. A few more weeks of this and someone will be on the street.

(As a side note, even though my children are almost grown I am learning I still cannot leave my tools and chemicals out where they can get to them; this same 17 year old has ruined my mini butane torch this week by forcing the starter button without first depressing the safety. Yes, he managed to light it. Now it no longer auto shuts off; when you do shut it off you have to push the flame control lever up to high to stop the leak of butane from the nozzle afterward. I still cannot believe he DESTROYED the safety on it...)

So, with the major gathering of fine Teen Male Testosterone and the rising decibel level in the main room of my home, I did what every sane woman and frightened animal does- retreated to the quiet of my personal lair. In my case, I took my box of bags of smaller bags of stones with me.

For the past few years I have stored my beautiful gemstones in little baggies in a plastic bag. When that bag filled I started another. And another. Then I had to start storing those in a box. This system proves inconvenient in many ways. And so while I continue to inventory all of my supplies into a jewelry making program, I have started to store my gemstones in individual little translucent boses that store in stackable translucent containers.

Not only did I find this activity to be very relaxing for me today, but it helped me come up with a few new gemstone combinations; some of which you will see in the next few weeks in my jewelry store.

I admit, it did not help me fill my Etsy store or do anything to photograph or add descriptions to listings ready to be uploaded, but we all need some way to relax once in awhile. And organization does, however indirectly, help in the creative process. And for me, every little bit helps.

Besides, it got my blog homework done for tonight.

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A Gem by Any Other Name

With profound apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, the title of my post plays on the famous line, "a rose by any other name".

Juliet says to Romeo, because their families hate each other, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet". Oh, how I wish that were true for the incredible Russian Chrome Diopside. My pictures can't begin to do justice to this incredible gem.

Gem quality chrome diopside could make emeralds weep and green tourmaline envious. It's deep rich kelly green in color with luster and brilliance to rival Tsavorite Garnet. But this poor gem shall probably never achieve the notoriety of any of the other green gems with a name like ....Chrome Diopside...no savy, no panache, no savoir faire. So sad for a gem which should be able to rival the best of them.

And the poor little gem, and I do mean little, since it's colored with chromium which inhibits growth, is rarely found in large sizes, suffers from, another problem. Mother Nature decided to hide this beauty in Russia.....Siberia in fact. Mining can only take place 6 months out of the year. The rest of the time it is buried beneath snow and ice in the perma frost. So, sadly, there is only a small amount of rough mined each year.

Doomed to a life of obscurity, buried in the ice, this gemstone is not well known and that has kept the price down. Of course that makes me happy since I intend to buy a lot of Russian Chrome Diopside.

Watch for faceted Chrome Diopside pendants coming soon to my store, A Beaded Affair , in sterling silver or custom order one in gold. This stone is worthy of it.

Jun 27, 2008

Our Team Work

We will be scheduling members to rotate blogging, so you will find various messages on our work over time. That way, you will be able to check in and see various team members' high-lighted each week. You will also be provided with links to more of their information if you wish. So, stay tuned, the eSMarts team will have a blog-a-rama online!.

Jun 25, 2008

Talented Team of Artisans

Copper Charm bracelet by DGDesignsTx.etsy.com

Today I'm quick blogging directly from Flickr. This lovely piece was designed by Dani Garcia of http://www.dgdesignstx.etsy.com/. Dani creates pretty jewelry adornments borrowing from cross cultural themes and melding an eclectic variety of media. I'm particularly drawn to her copper creations!

Like all the members of our team, Dani is a talented, hard working, self representing emerging artist. She hales from Texas but her online boutique at DGDesignsTx.etsy.com is always accessible.

Amethyst Citrine and Copper, Oh My

For an informative peek into what's currently going on within the design studio at DGDesigns, follow Dani's online journal DGDesignsTx.blogspot.com or feel free to contact her for a custom creation. You won't be disappointed.

For more of our designs visit our gallery.