Jun 25, 2008

Talented Team of Artisans

Copper Charm bracelet by DGDesignsTx.etsy.com

Today I'm quick blogging directly from Flickr. This lovely piece was designed by Dani Garcia of http://www.dgdesignstx.etsy.com/. Dani creates pretty jewelry adornments borrowing from cross cultural themes and melding an eclectic variety of media. I'm particularly drawn to her copper creations!

Like all the members of our team, Dani is a talented, hard working, self representing emerging artist. She hales from Texas but her online boutique at DGDesignsTx.etsy.com is always accessible.

Amethyst Citrine and Copper, Oh My

For an informative peek into what's currently going on within the design studio at DGDesigns, follow Dani's online journal DGDesignsTx.blogspot.com or feel free to contact her for a custom creation. You won't be disappointed.

For more of our designs visit our gallery.


Anonymous said...

Anna Lee's choice of high-lighting Dani's work is great timing! Copper has come back into fashion in a big way. It has a very natural, earthy look, and is a very warm look for metal. Dani has a wonderful copper wire wrapped pendant and her copper and chrysocolla design is gorgeous. BUT don't forget to look at other things in Dani's store---she has a Chili Cha-Cha that would simply be fun to wear, and every girl needs to enjoy her jewelry! Check out Dani's store on etsy and find a great deal!

Carlotta P said...

I too love copper and have worked with it for years- even before it was an in fashion metal. I think the color is beautiful and works with all skin types, and enhances some stones better than silver or gold tones can. Dani's choice of stones and shapes are perfect in combination with her copperwork, and I agre with the assessment of the Chili ChaCha- I want that in MY jewelry collection! Go Dani!


Anonymous said...

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