Jul 29, 2008

Earthy Elegance from Jewelry Elegance by Jill

-a feature by Teri Baskett

Today I want to introduce everyone to Jewelry Elegance by Jill. From her studio in Marietta, Georgia Jill combines a wide range of jewelry skills and techniques in her unique handmade collections. Today copper is finally enjoying its day in the sun as a popular metal; the warm, earthy hue brings out nature’s bounty when blended in this stunning copper and gemstone bracelet.

Jill’s carefully executed wire coils enhance the natural beauty of the gemstones, and add dimension and depth to this bracelet. Serpentine-like curves hold the eye as you look all around the design, finding new details at every curl.

As I explored Jill’s work, I was next struck by her unique take on the traditional chain maille technique! What a beauty she created in gold filled wire with pretty heart swirls wrapping delicately around the wrist in this glamorous bracelet.

Look at the extra element of the gold bead on each ring connection. What a fresh look that’s suitable for day or evening wear. And anyone who sees this piece will recognize the quality and Jill’s obvious attention to detail.

But Jill’s skills and breadth of design doesn’t stop there. She completed a multi-strand in small seed beads in turquoise and brown. Another in color this year, Jill is one designer who tracks the trends and provides fashionable creations for everyone. Yet, this piece isn’t a fad, by any stretch of the imagination.

This gorgeous necklace can be a staple component of your wardrobe. I can see this under an open blouse, with a suit jacket for fall and winter wear; yet it would look equally lovely with summer jeans and tops! The turquoise color really pops between the brown, and the many strands Jill created add texture and dimension.

Jill also has a very light, flirty look to some of her work. I wanted to share her Drop Earrings, made with shell beads as an example of what I mean. The small Swarovski cubes really enhance the color of the shells. What fun---imagine these dangling from your ears, swinging lightly as you move!

Jill has many other bead designs in her store and even more are shown on her website. She has a gorgeous gray ocean jasper large coin pendant, surrounded, again, by several strands of various gray stones and beads. But this time, her strands include various sizes and shapes of stones. I think this highlights the way these would appear in nature. Not all stones would be round, or flat, or square, or, well, or anything. By mixing and matching shapes and sizes, this multi-strand commands attention, and announces its presence anytime it’s worn!

I have one final piece I want to talk about and that is another wire piece. Jill has really outdone herself, combining a typical fiber craft, crochet, with wire and beads. She calls this her beadhive design and I love it! She’s used carnelian stones, metal leaf charms, and other chips and stones. However all of these have been added while she crocheted fine wire. The result is a broad choker, with nice cone finishing detail at the lobster clasp. Wow everyone with this beadhive design.

Jill’s online boutique “Jewelry Elegance” on etsy features many of her creations at http://jewelryelegance.etsy.com/. Jill gladly accepts custom orders so feel free to convo her for a prompt free quote.

Visit Jill’s blog http://jewelryelegancebyjill.blogspot.com to learn more about this fascinating artist’s work and inspirations. Often this intimate peak into the studio environment allows us to connect with a designer and his or her work in a whole new way!

Teri Baskett is a contributing editor and Team Blog Manager for eSMArts (etsy Social Marketing Artisans Guild) a global multi media collective of independent artisans. From her base in Jeffersonville, IN, Teri designs unique handmade jewelry collectables. Teri’s gemstone jewelry collections are available for purchase at http://www.sandtcreations.etsy.com.


ChezChani said...

Jill's work is amazing. What a well-written blog about a wonderful artist. I'm drooling.

mygemstonebox said...

Great work here! Jill, your jewelry has outstanding design, presentation and attention to detail. Teri- excellent post...well written, this is the epitome of what this team is about!

Kari Bryde said...

I love the "Linked Hearts Bracelet - I'd wear that every day and never tire of looking at all the detail. Great piece!

Wezz said...

I love the wirework! One day I hope to be half as good! Outstanding work!

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