Jul 15, 2008

Featured Artists

I’m so proud of the members of this etsy team! They’re working like mad, each developing his or her professional online presence. This hard working crew is adapting quickly to the rigors of regular blogging, social networking, social linking,All Squared Up sterling bracelet - www.Michele38.etsy.com honing their craft, helping each other, and well we’ve come together into one heck of a cohesive, productive team.

eSMArts has been blessed by the addition of several new members over the past few weeks.

Michele Cook of
Michele Cook Designs is one of the newer team members.

Lampwork from www.SilverRabbitStudio.etsy.comI like Michele’s new sterling silver bracelet with these patterned square links called "All Squared Up". With great details and retailing for only $37, I love this piece so much that I simply had to feature it.

Pat Baker of
SilverRabbitStudio creates lovely lampwork beads and metalwork and she’s a wonderful addition to our roster.
Cast Silver - www.SilverRabbitStuidio.etsy.com
Here we see some of Pat's Green, Black and White Lampwork Bead Bracelet as well as her cast sterling Dots Ring. Below is Lavender Turquoise Lampwork Bead Necklace. Maybe if I'm lucky, Pat will create a set of custom lampwork beads for me! I'm a handmade glass bead addict too.

Things are beginning to run very smoothly with our team, so recenlty I've had time to browse many of our team shops and blogs. It's apparent we all have improvement areas to work on, but overall, our photo quality, listing descriptions, artist profiles and mini bios are beginning to take shape.
LAmpwork beads - www.SilverRabbitStudio.etsy.com
And at the bottom line, we've started making a few sales. These results are encouraging and further proof that our hard work will pay off in the long run.

Diane Geisel’s UnicornGem1944 store features unique wire wrapped treasures such as these original design Sculpted Birthstone Pendant Necklaces.

Diane has volunteered to apply her managemBirthstone Pendants - www.unicorngem1944.etsy.coment skills to the post of eSMArts Social Marketing Director and I’m certain we’ll all benefit from her contributions.

On a personal note, I’m making headway restructuring my etsy shops into their three themes. I used to have all my offerings lumped into one rather messy looking shop. Soon
Gahooletree will feature only precious gemstone one of a kind creations and ensembles like the Lilith earrings shown below.

In the fun & f
lirty boutique called SassyDLite, I’m moving all my casual, everyday and older collections. Lilith earrings - www.gahooletree.etsy.comAs items expire from the flagship store, I’m slowly adding them to this venue – many things going on sale I might add, so we do have lots to offer the value conscious jewelry buyer too.

Watch for fabulous additions to the supplies outlet as we feature several cuts of Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Lemon Topaz and more over the coming weeks! I'm trying to keep my gemstone overstock priced at or below wholesale.

If you'd like to be featured on this blog, please contact me!



Inspired Designs by Teresa said...

Great post Anna Lee. I like how you reported on what was going on with your business as well as highlighting some of our newer members.

Teresa M.

mygemstonebox said...

What a wonderful showcase of the talent we have here! That makes it all the more exciting to take on the challenge of eSMArts Social Marketing Director. Anna, you have developed one heck of a team, you lead by example and I am honored to be working with you!
Keep up the great work everyone!

Michele Cook said...

A great big thanks Anna Lee. I really appreciate the inclusion and also all the advice and help you give. I feel very excited about all the possibilities.

Michele Cook

A Beaded Affair said...

What a wonderful group....and it just keeps getting better.

ChezChani said...

3 Etsy shops? Do you have more hours in your day than I do? Great work Anna Lee!!

Anonymous said...

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