Jul 14, 2008

How is the economy effecting us all?


This is me, Auggie Parker.  I am a proud member of the eSmarts street team.  Visit my personal Blog for links to various jewerly tutorials.  I also have my own Etsy store and have just recently started adding items.  I hope you will stop by and take a look. 


I have been thinking all week about what I would write, and have gone back and forth on a few different subjects.  My decision was our economy here in the U.S. and how it is effecting the sales of non-essential items.   I realize this does not apply to everyone but even in our home we are really cutting back where we can.  The cost of oil effects more than just the gas tank, which is outrageous!  Almost every industry is being effected and the cost is being passed on to all of us in numerous ways.  I make candles as well as jewelry and the wax I use comes from petroleum.  The cost is so high right now that if it does not come down by fall I won’t be making candles this year.  Hopefully Oil prices will start coming down and all will be well again.


But, right now how does this effect us; the artists, crafters and suppliers and more importantly, how does it effect our customers?  Personally I have cut back on supplies unless it is a deal too great to pass up.  I am looking at all of my inventory and seeing everything in a new light.  I am searching my creative mind to think outside the box.  I hope the result will be some exciting, innovative ideas.   Also, instead of only designing higher end items which for my area is $100+, I am designing in several price ranges.  Hopefully this will still attract my clients and grab the attention of some new ones.


As a consumer, who loves to give gifts to friends and family “just because”, I am staying close to home and hand making more gifts than I usually do.  I would like to think my receivers will appreciate the time and thought put into these gifts.  I also think that many of you may be thinking the same way and will be looking for supplies to make these special gifts.


If you take a look at my team members sites you will find exactly what you are looking for and at the price range you have in mind.  We have so many talented and diverse members that there is sure to be a treasure with your name on it!    

Take care, Auggie Queen-Parker





Shelley said...

Hi Auggie,
It is so nice to put a face with a name. You bring up some really good points, things that I have been thinking about as well.
Maybe this will be a good list discussion.


ChezChani said...

Nice blog. Things are really tough. But when you can't afford to go out anymore because the gas is too high to get there and the price to be there is too high to be there, well a gorgeous piece of handmade jewelry might just be the thing to cheer you up, right?

Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Hi Auggie
I've been a online shopper for quite sometime. I haven't been in a mall in 13 years. Not only do I dislike paying the high prices for the gasoline to visit my LBS, I hate the time lost in driving to and from. I've felt for sometime that the hour round trip could be an hour I could be designing. The shipping costs are always less than what the gasoline would cost. I do miss going to the LBS, but gasoline is a big consideration.

Annette Piper said...

I tend to have 'green' thoughts quite a lot and if nothing else the current prices are making alot of people reconsider their reliance on oil. So much in our lives comes from it - as you say Auggie - the wax for your candles and what about all those synthetic fibres (nylon, polyester etc.) and plastics that everything seems to be made of! At the very least we could get rid of the reliance on oil for gas/petrol in our vehicles and this would free oil up for its other uses.

The technology is there and has been for some time to make electric cars for example. But car & fuel companies in their wisdom have hidden these away by buying up the little companies with the great ideas and filing them away in a deep dark place (reminiscent of the government in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark lol). And this all has to do with the $$ - they can make much more out of us with our reliance on fuel for our cars than they could by providing an alternative. So, such technology is always... "soon" but it never actually arrives!

OK, off my soapbox now....

It seems alot more people are thinking of purchasing on line which can only be good for us :) we've just got to refine how we do it and be the best that we can be!

KimberlyRies said...

Great post Auggie and good observations! I try to make my jewelry in the mid price range as in these days and times, it is difficult to justify a big splurge item. I see things that are more reasonably priced moving right now.

TeriB said...

I, too, notice that I at least plan my trips differently. I have been a pretty good online shopper for the past few years and once you ARE NOT in those crowds, returning to stores isn't very likely. Searching 20 websites, comparing prices thru some websites that specialize on that, and having items arrive at my doorstep are great web shopping advantages!

I do wonder what effect this will be on those of us who use fairs and shows to build their business; I would expect that people may not make those extra trips to those events. Maybe someone can comment if they have seen lower attendance this year?

Hopefully, or team will make it easier for shoppers to see lots of different designers and types of jewelry in all one spot!

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