Sep 7, 2008

See What Our Team Does in Copper

Copper is gaining in popularity, and is no longer the very distant third against gold and silver. It is much more common in jewelry today than in recent years. The warmth, the earthy color and its natural beauty radiate in jewelry. Copper is warm against the skin and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Copper has the reputation as an environmentally natural metal, making it very earth-friendly.

Our eSMarts team has many members who have created pieces in copper, not just jewelry, but also bookmarks, copper wire and findings so you can create your own, and a wonderful handmade copper gemstone box! Beyond the designs that I high-lighted in the montage, there are many other copper designs in our esmarts etsy teams. Search for tags with esmarts, or go to our esmarts team and look through our stores.

In our designs, you will find hammered copper, wire wrapped pendants and beads, and combinations of gemstones with copper components. There are some wonderful pendants created almost totally from copper wire, with small gemstone chips to highlight the shape. There are some lovely copper charm bracelets and necklaces, and drop dead gorgeous drop earrings. And, if you like the more natural look, check out the copper chain maille designs, some with a patina finish that makes it look like an heirloom, or a find from an archeological dig! Want a gift, I love the bookmark, great for a teacher, professor, book club, any avid reader, or as an added touch for a coffee table book. The gemstone heirloom box is a gorgeous brushed finish; give that special someone the ring of her life this year, in this keepsake box!

See some of our teams copper work at flickr. Here you can click on one you like and it will take you to that listing on etsy:

Or see a photo montage on bubble share:

Shop for the "in" metal this season with our esmarts team on etsy!! Enjoy!


KimberlyRies said...

Very nice collection of copper beauties. Nice work Teri for assembling them and great work team for creating them!

Anonymous said...

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