Nov 21, 2008

M5 Creative Corners

Detail of Covered Bridge Wallhanging by Tina Cowan of M5CreativeCorners

Our Tina Cowan of M5 Creative Corners is one of the hardest working women I know. In all seriousness, this kindhearted lady works practically 24/7 to support a slew of orphaned nieces and nephews. I'm not joking about this. After the untimely passing of not one but two siblings due to congenital heart problems, Tina stepped in to raise the orphans as if they were her own.

Tina is always busy creating beautiful new quality pieces not only because she loves her craft and likes to keep busy, but partly out of necessity. Tina's work ethic is absolutely outstanding, in fact it's A++.

Tina Cowan of M5 Creative Corners on etsy ~ ~

I don't know where Tina gets her energy from but it usually tires me out just hearing what she has accomplished lately! And like all her fans and customers, I'm in awe of Tina's fiber art creations. The opening picture shows close-up detail of Tina's impressionist style Covered Bridge quilted wall hanging. Tina paints with fabric and no two pieces are alike. These are truly one of a kind collectables of enduring beauty and high quality craftsmanship.

I hope Tina will forgive me for showcasing to the world these grand pictures of her at work, in her element, conducting business at one of her many craft fairs and bazaars. The first thing I noticed in these shots was Tina's full sized cash register and the great halogen lighting. Both these additions give her booth a professional look and feel. She's obviously a veteran seamstress with the image of a credible working artisan.

A mutual friend sent me these lovely photos (and more) and since a picture is worth ten thousand words, just take a look and imagine our tiny Tina setting up these metal display walls all by her lonesome. Think of Tina trekking around with all this stuff in her van and imagine her stamina manning booths like this one ~ and doing it solo sometimes for days at a time. Tina you're a trouper!

Covered Bridge quilted wallhanging from M5CreativeCorners

From her studio located in the Sparks, Nevada area, Tina attends many local art and craft venues. Her beautiful quilted items are also on display in local boutiques and an antique shop. But recently Tina opened M5CreativeCorners, a new online boutique where her intricately stitched quilted wall hangings and other goodies can be acquired around the clock.

handmade quilted treasures from Tina Cowan of M5 Creative Corners

Please support this talented artisan. Visit her shop. Her designs are fresh and new, Tina's handiwork is first rate and her prices at least for now are very reasonable.

Tina's nieces and nephews range in age from 10 to their mid twenties and a few are currently attending post secondary education. Trust me when I say this lady has bills to pay!

At M5CreativeCorners, Tina Cowan offers customer service and attention to detail that can't be rivalled. So if you're in the market for beautifully handcrafted and stunning quilted items at incredible prices, please shop with M5CreativeCorners and support our valued eSMArts team mate. You won't be disappointed if you do.

every picture tells a story ~ Tina at a southwest craft fair
Submitted by: Anna Lee Husband


Studio618 said...

Tina, you're an inspiration. AL, you really brought her to life for me, with your eloquent writing. I'm so proud to be in the same team as both of you.

Anonymous said...

It's great to get to know Tina better! Her work is a great combination of art and stitching techniques to create these lovely pieces! Teri

MyGemStoneBox by Diane said...

We certainly are a diverse group but we share the same desire to do good in this world. Good for you! Here is to you staying strong and keeping those creative juices flowing...they are incredible!! And as always, AL, you have the gift to unite us through your eloquent words.

A Beaded Affair said...

It's been a privelege to get to know Tina a bit better through your article. What a brave and inspiring person we have in our midst. Not only that but she keeps us in stitches and on our toes every day at Esmarts Team.

Barbara Merwin said...

What a touching and beautiful piece on Tina. Having the story of the artist behind their work is great. I love the work she does.

Ken and Barb, Magpiedreams

ChezChani said...

Tina, you do amazing work, in crafting and life.

Tina Cowan said...

Thank you so much for stopping by everybody. My special big THANKS to Anna Lee. This is so generous of her.

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Tina, It was my pleasure! and pulling this together was a piece of cake! Sometimes compiling these features can be tough &/or burdensome, but not in this case. I'm so fortunate because it's been fabulous getting to know you. Btw, you deserve recognition.

Thanks for all the great comments too. And thank you Tina for being you. I admire you a great deal and you've inspired me to pull up my socks! :)

Anonymous said...

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Perfectly Twisted said...

Tina, your quilting is amazing! I just wanted to say hello and tell you how beautiful your work is. Have a great day.

KellyKim said...

Hi Tina,
You are so talented :)
Love your creative art work!
Stopping by to say hi :D