Oct 21, 2009

A Lesson From Our Elder: Alihelisdi Itse Udetiyusadisvi

Gift of The Sacred Pipe by Rogue Guirey Simpson

eSMArts team is fortunate to have crossed paths with a truly remarkable artist (and a really nice guy), our friend and elder statesman, Van Stewart Bevil, who reminded us yesterday of the passing of the Cherokee New Year by posting this brief lesson our our yahoo discussion forum.  We quote:

Alihelisdi Itse Udetiyusadisvi

On October 7, we left the year of the Firepit, a sign of refuge and warmth, and entered the year of the Big Star, also known as the Rabbit.  Both terms refer to the planet Venus, a body which is often mistaken for a star and which appears and disappears from view, just like a rabbit.

Many of the familiar stories of the Rabbit trickster - the pre-electronics Bugs Bunny - refer back to interactions in the sky with other features, such as the constellations Deer, Bear and Turtle.  As with all wisdom traditions, these stories have many layers of meaning.

We have entered a year where the pace of events will speed up, and the direction of events may change as quickly as a zigzagging cottontail.

We wish you all the best and a Happy New Year
Kicking Bear

When I formed the eSMArts group I hoped I would meet funny, talented and caring people like Van, but I never anticipated learning as much as I have from my online family!  These folks keep me guessing daily - and that says quite a bit :)

Here is one of Van's paintings that I particularly like (well I actually love all of his works).  Buffalo Dreamer is available for purchase in Van's shop, Kicking Bear on etsy.

I encourage you to visit Van's Kicking Bear shop to view his gallery of wonderful oils and also explore the magical healing and wellness items created in the 'old way' by Van himself.
Zero Tolerance an original oil by Van Stewart Bevil available for purchase at CoastalArtist on etsy

Van's stunning nature theme oils are on display and available for immediate purchase at Coastal Artist on etsy and you can read lessons from this learned educator, writer and spiritual leader by subscribing to his newest blog The Grandfathers Speak



Anonymous said...

Van's work is truly beautiful; more than that, there is his peaceful, tender spirit that shines through all his work! A truly gentle soul, his work is a treasure!
S & T Creations

ChezChani said...

His work is truely remarkable, absolutely gorgeous!

A Beaded Affair said...

Van's work is beyond compare. He is by far my favorite Artist. I'm particularly fond of his wolf paintings and "Bad Attitude" is simply wonderful. Excellent article. Do wish he'd write more on The Grandfather Speaks as well. The stories his Grandfather told are precious.

MyGemStoneBox by Diane said...

All I can say is that for as beautiful it appears on our monitors....you really need to see it in person!!! I'm one of the lucky ones!!
Wonderful work Mr. V!!

Mary Anne Gruen said...

This is a wonderful article! Van's work proves again and again that the "old ways" are beautiful.

Happy New Year to everyone!