Nov 16, 2009

Congrats Joella!

We at eSMArts would like to offer a belated congratulations to Joella, the Always Wired Bead Lady!
Joella won our September challenge with her beautiful HippyChick Bracelet.
Here's what Joella Had to say when we congratulated her:
"I always look at the challenges posted on eSMArts and other groups that I'm in and wonder - how can I do this? And most of the time my mind just doesn't click into gear. But when I saw the 'Flower' Challenge I knew right away what I would make and enter.
The first time I saw the pattern for this weave it really made me smile. It's obvious that it's flowers - and can be created with one color of flower color or a whole flower bed.
Thanks to everyone who voted for me!"

If you would like to see more of Joella's work, you can check her out at
and her blog at

Beautiful work Joella and congrats again!


ChezChani said...

I LOVED that piece, a well-deserved victory for Joella!

Anna Lee H. said...

I was pleased for your win too Joella! That piece was just too cute :)