Jul 10, 2008

Excellence at eSmarts!!

Big things happening this week for the eSmarts Team members participating in a social marketing team on Etsy. Three of our members Tortoise Treasures, Inspired Designs by Teresa and Willow's Beads have had sales, for some their very first and our very own Vamp Kitty has posted for the first time.

Starting us off was Tortoise Treasures with this charming German Silver wire wrap of a turquoise blue agate with a crystal in the center of the stone. Nice work Shelley. Check out more of Tortoise Treasures creations and watch for more turtles to come.

Next off was Inspired Designs with these two lovely pieces "Copper Swag Choker", truly a beauty with rich copper and garnet beads and "Red Porcelain and Copper Drop Necklace". Those beads are one of a kind. Way to go....two sales in one day, you may be the Seller of the week but the week isn't over yet.....keep marketing. Don't miss seeing more of Teresa's Inspired Designs.

Last but certainly not least, take a look at the shop of Willow's Beads who also had her first sale this week. Those "Beautiful Green and Brown Swirled Lampwork Beads" should make her buyer very happy indeed. Check out many more select beads from Willow's Beads on Etsy

Vamp Kitty impressed us all with her first postings on Etsy. So glad you did. Your pieces are wonderful. I'll be watching your shop for many more postings to come. My favorite is "Mermaid" in Seafoam Amazonite, Chrysocolla and antique copper bali beads. Check out Vamp Kitty for all her new postings.

These team members are proof eSmarts works. Check out eSmarts for a team that makes things happen.............fast!

Copper wrapping wire


TeriB said...

Wow. Fantastic post. I love seeing the high-lights of eSMarts members' designs. And hearing about eSmarts Team successes that have already occurred in just a few short days is wonderful! The team is really pulling together, using the combined contributions of all the members to make everyone successful! Great work, everyone! Can't wait to hear more.

Inspired Designs by Teresa said...

Nice post, thank you! Can't wait until we are all selling on a regular basis.

Shelley said...

Thanks for mentioning us in the blog. I hope to see more of our team members selling their items.

Way to go Team eSMArt!!!


Anna Lee said...

Lois, I thought I was in a timewarp for a second - couldn't figure how I'd missed this article. Then I realized somehow we've got two, count 'em 2 wonderful articles churned out today!

Both blog posts featuring multiple artists and highlighting team success WOW.

It's starting to become a challenge keeping up with you guys - and I mean that in a sincerely reverent and complimentary way! Yeah, keep me on my toes! :)

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