Jul 10, 2008

Team "Work"

Today I tried to improve my presence on the internet so I could support eSMArts members more and promote our team and my business. So I created accounts on various websites and have been trying to figure out how to link my photos on my website to my sales pages on etsy, and cross-linking blogs, favorites, friends, etc. Still want to learn how to do video, like youtube or squidoo--I'm not ready to create a tutorial yet, but that would be a great start.

Since few of you really know me, I gotta confess--I have always absolutely hated having my picture taken, and never liked taking photos either. So, here I am talking about going way beyond a still photo to active video clips!!!!! Wild, to me anyway.

It has been great to read posts from other team members to see how we type/write/webspeak differently; sometimes I think my writing sounds stilted and not as "fun" to read as others, so guess I can work on that too---let's see, learning web processes, changing how I write on blogs, improving my pictures, creating and uploading video, oh----actually, possibly, making some of those projects in my head----yep, self-improvement time is here!

Thanks for listening/reading! I'm gonna go off and learn something else.........


Inspired Designs by Teresa said...

Hi Teri, it does seem like there is a steep learning curve for so many things on the journey of internet marketing. So aren't we lucky to belong to a team where we help and support one another! I've already learned so much.

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